China Living Room Furniture

Production Description
Wall mounted TV unit and Free standing TV stand are Functional and sleek, the most significant benefit of wall mounted TV unit is the space it saves you. Because they are so thin and can be secured so close to the wall, they hardly stick out at all 鈥?meaning you don't need to take up floor space with a table or stand.
Wall mounted TV unit are used as the focal point of a room and give a sleek and modern finish. The wires can be hidden, making the room less cluttered, and reducing the risk of tripping over them.
Brackets and mounts are a lot easier to install than people think. It usually takes under an hour to set up and attach everything. A step-by-step guide will come included with the mount.
Wall mounted TV units also make it easier to achieve the optimal viewing distance and reduce the chance of eye or neck strain. You can attach the screen at a height to suit you.
This TV stand features a TV panel, top shelf, a freestanding stand with storage, and built-in lighting. Also available in White, Matte Black, or Glossy Black.
When it comes to wall mounted TV units ,these do not eat into the floor space which proves to be very helpful in smaller rooms and can even double as feature walls. Modern media or TV units come equipped with special features of compartments, cord cutouts and drawers that can conceal items and make the entertainment area look organized. Have a look at wall mounted TV unit cabinet designs that not only look smart but also offer functionality and aid in keeping the space orderly and organised.
Wall mounted TV unit is suitable for majority of new flats screen TVs are designed to be wall mounted, with pre-made holes in the back for attaching to mounts and brackets.
About us
Emoohome has established good cooperation with first-line suppliers such as Formica, Wilsonart, schattdecor, blum, Dtc, etc. It produces more than 700 containers annually, and produces more than 6000 sets of cabinets and wardrobe solutions every year. We provide integrated design and customization services for customers in the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, Chile, South America, Thailand, and the Philippines. Its products are well received by customers all over the world.
The factory covers an area of more than 25000 square meters, over 100 employees, advanced processing equipment, modern automatic production system, professionals and perfect management system, and design team.
Customer Service
With over 10 professional and perfect designer team to analyze the cabinet layout design, no matter your order is personal use or projects, you can easily choose your style, develop your design, check our construction details, select products and accessories that you are satisfied with.
Shipping & Packing
Supply us with a design sketch
If you have already sketched out your ideas, send them to our team of specialist furniture consultants via email or by using our online template. We will then configure your specifications and provide you with an offer for your unique furniture piece.China Living Room Furniture