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Squadron Air to Air League - Starting March 2019


SIGN-UP STATUS: OPEN (CLOSE 3/10/2019 1200z)

The schedule for matches can be found at The Merge on Splash One Gaming. All matches are currently set to start at 1400z on Saturday and Sunday of each week. To check what Zulu time is for you, see here.

DCS World Events, in conjunction with Heatblur, Thrustmaster, and Eagle Dynamics are proud to announce SATAL 2019 - Squadron Air to Air League! SATAL allows for the action and interest that surrounds SATAC be experienced year round. SATAL's goal is to create a structured league that concludes in a single elimination tournament. Whereas SATAC is an intense 2-3 week championship, SATAL will be more of a slow burn year round competition. This is SATAL's second year and we hope to bring all of the action that was so exciting from last year back into focus for 2019.

All streams will be taking place on the DCSWorldEvents Twitch channel with after action replays and highlights available on Youtube.

DCSWorldEvents is proud to announce that in addition to Heatblur sponsoring SATAL, both Thrustmaster and Eagle Dynamics have also come on board as official sponsors to the event. The extent and size of these prizes is a first in DCS World history and continues to grow year after year as support increases. We hope that having these will bolster the enjoyment for the teams that want to fight for glory in the DCS skies.

*SATAL Diamond League First Place Team: Diamond Flawless Heatblur Mystery Bundle + $3600 USD of Thrustmaster Gear (6x TPR Pedals and 6x TM Mystery Item) + 6x Eagle Dynamic DCS Modules + 6x Foxx Mount Desk Mounts + 6x Buddy-Fox A10C UFC + 6x Tacview Advanced Licenses
*SATAL Diamond League Second Place Team: Diamond Heatblur Mystery Bundle + $1200 USD of Thrustmaster Gear (6x TM Mystery Item) + 6x Eagle Dynamic DCS Modules + 3x Tacview Advanced Licenses

*SATAL Gold League First Place Team: Gold Flawless Heatblur Mystery Bundle + $1200 USD of Thrustmaster Gear (4x Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas) + Eagle Dynamic 4x DCS Modules + 4x Tacview Advanced Licenses
*SATAL Gold League Second Place Team: Gold Flawless Heatblur Mystery + 4x Eagle Dynamic DCS Modules + 2x Tacview Advanced Licenses

*Prizes: Heatblur will, like last year, contribute substantial prizes for the winners of SATAL 2019 which will be announced soon.
*Streams: Viewers will have the chance to win Heatblur modules, Thrustmaster equipment including TPR pedals, sticks, and headsets, Eagle Dynamics modules and other gear from our other stream partners during some streams.

Note: The 51st are entirely ineligible for prizes or prize money regardless of league/championship position. In the event of a 51st win, prizes will be awarded to the next best ranked teams.

- March 30, 2019 - SATAL Diamond League begins with matches being flown and streamed on Saturdays for 35-45 weeks.
- March 31, 2019 - SATAL Gold League begins with matches being flown and streamed on Sundays for 35-45 weeks.
- League brackets will depend on the number of teams at signup.
- Groupings will also depend on the number of teams.
- Teams should expect to fly approximately once a month.
- Matches for Diamond League will always be flown on Saturdays at 1400z. Second match at 1730z if needed.
- Matches for Gold League will always be flown on Sundays at 1400z. Second match at 1730z if needed.
- All matches will be streamed and track-able on DCSWorldEvents, The Merge and ED forum thread.
- Future DCS modules will be included in the tournament automatically as well as multi-role objectives if needed or deemed to fit.
- End of the year tournament will take place around November.

- Diamond League matches consist of 2 teams in a 6v6 team CAP.
- Gold League matches consist of 2 teams in a 4v4 team CAP.
- Both leagues matches will be a best of 3 format.
- Bullseye is centered between two airfields.
- Once you enter the bubble you must not exit until the opposing team has been neutralized.
- There will be an engagement bubble centered on bullseye which teams must control to win the engagement.
- Once you leave the bubble you cannot re-enter.
- At least one pilot from the winning team must return to base in order to the win the round.
- EWR will be active and available for both teams. The EWR for each team will be stationed at various points inside the engagement bubble and will be invincible.
- Air frame selection is permanent during individual matches. Teams must choose a set line up for each match and stick with that format.
- You may NOT change the air frame line up between rounds of a match. eg. choosing 4 F15, 2 Su27 cannot be altered until the next match. This same rule is applied to Gold League as well.
- Payload violations and aircraft violations will result in a loss for the round where the infractions took place. Teams should not leave the server/TS until a final decision has been made and agreed. Decisions often occur at the end of the round. Be prepared to fly another round if a referee decision mandates it otherwise you may miss out.
- No RTB to refuel and rearm is allowed after entering the bubble.
- All aircraft are permitted for use in this league.
- A ping limit of 300 will be strictly enforced. Server will auto kick anyone over this limit.
- All matches will be hosted on the dedicated 51st server based in a Kansas City data center.
- If a team fails to appear at a designated match a penalty will be issued; -3 points and walkover/forfeit.
- Teams will be eliminated at the conclusion of the league based on rankings in the SATAL league play.
- The number of eliminations will be determined based on the number of teams that signup to compete in SATAL.
- Rankings will be used for seeding in the end of the year tournament.
- Pilots flying in the Gold League are allowed to fly a limited number of rounds/matches in the Diamond League if they have a team present in both leagues. However, Gold League pilots are limited to 3 rounds total for the year of Diamond League play while still maintaining eligibility to continue participating in the Gold League. If I pilot flies anymore than 3 rounds, even partial, of Diamond League play, they will be deemed ineligible to continue flying in the Gold League and will have to finish out the season as strictly an Diamond League competitor.
- Any new team to SATAL is not eligible for Diamond League play. All newly participating squadrons must start in Gold League unless approved by the organizers.
- All teams are qualified to join Diamond League regardless of if they are veterans to SATAL or new to competitive play.
- Diamond League squadrons are allowed to have a second squadron compete in the Gold League simultaneously.
- Diamond League rostered pilots are not allowed to compete in the Gold League. Rosters will be checked throughout the year.

- Bottom 2 ranked teams in Diamond League at the completion of the league year will be relegated down to Gold league.
- Top 2 ranked teams in Gold League at the completion of the league year will be promoted up to Diamond league.

- Weapons restrictions: AIM-120B and R-77 (max 6 per aircraft)
- Weapons banned: AIM-120C, AIM-9X, and nukes
- Breaking payload rules during the round leads to an automatic loss of that round for the at fault team. If a payload infraction is noticed only after the match has concluded an automatic loss will be handed to that team at the time of ruling.

- Various mission locations will be available with random weather.
- All matches will take place on either the Persian Gulf or Caucuses.
- Missions will be similar to the one used in SATAL 2018, but with varying locations.
- Mission and weather will be randomly selected immediately before each match.
- Mission and weather chosen will be used for each round of that match.

*Note: Tournament rules, weapons and missions are subject to change

Please make at least your team captain available on the 51st Bisons Teamspeak during match play. Team captions, as well as being the primary contact, will also be responsible for referee decisions throughout the year. This is needed in order to ensure that all rulings are as impartial as possible. More details about this will be provided as we get closer to league start.

This list of rostered pilots and selected aircraft is not concrete. You are allowed to fly with different pilots for each match bearing in mind the above rules regarding pilots flying in Gold and Diamond league teams. Teamspeak or Discord will be needed this year in order for organizers to have the ability to reach teams if necessary. Names and aircraft are not (yet) binding. Teams may add pilots to their roster during the tournament. Please provide us with their name and whether they will be flying Diamond or Gold league prior to match day. See above rules regarding eligibility.

Please use the template below as a guide and post in a new post in this thread to register your team. It is very important that you include as many pilots as possible that will be competing in the leagues. It is also crucial that home country of each pilot and Zulu time be included for information on The Merge.


Команда форума
Это с 2018

Heads up gents, here's the letter from the Northern Caucasus PVO Command:

SATAL Missions & Briefings
For this year's SATAL we will be using 5 different missions. Prior to each match, the mission will be chosen by rolling a dice. See below for detailed briefing:

Mission 1 - Anapa vs Sochi

Distance: 270km/140nmi
Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi

Mission 2 - Senaki vs Tbilisi

Distance: 250km/140nmi
Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi

Mission 3 - Maykop vs Senaki

Distance: 320km/180nmi
Bubble radius: 110km/60nmi

Mission 4 - Sochi vs Kutaisi

Distance: 250km/140nmi
Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi

Mission 5 - Maykop vs Vody

Distance: 250km/140nmi
Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi

Mission 1, 2, 4 are mixed terrain, while 3 is mainly mountainous and 5 is flatten terrain.

SATAL Weathers & Seasons
We have 5 presets for weather. Similarly, they will be chosen by the dice:

- Calm, CAVOK
- Windy, 10 m/s, scattered clouds at 300 m
- Stormy, 20 m/s, overcast
- Calm, fog, overcast
- Stratus overcast, 1800m ceiling, light wind
- Broken clouds 500-2500 m, wind 5-15 m/s

Real-world season(northern hemisphere) of the match date will be applied. Temperature will be set based on seasons, with an idea of simulating the climate of caucasus region:

Winter: 5°C
Spring/Autumn: 15°C
Summer: 25°C

Missions and weather presets are in attachments. To use the weather presets, put them under Saved Games/DCS/MissionEditor/weather/. When you run DCS, go to mission editor and you should have them at the bottom of the 'Weather' Panel.

Also, we'd like to inform you that 51st have got new Teamspeak address and Website/forums. Get yourself updated on these infos so you can find us easily!
Website: www.51bisons.com (under construction)
Forums: www.51bisons.com/forums/

Good luck to all squadrons. See you in the sky.